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Vinsanto, Gavalas Winery
5 minutes from the villa

  • Naturally sweet white wine
  • Grapes: Assyrtiko 85%,  Aidani 10%, Athiri 5%
The harvest for Vinsanto begins in the end of August when the grapes achieve the desired degree of maturation. Vineyards are located mainly at the south part of Santorini.

Vinsanto follows the traditional techniques of wine making. Grapes are sun-dried for 10 -15 days in order to concentrate the sugar levels. The juice ferments naturally in 80 years old old Russian oak barrels and ages there for 6 years.

Complex aromas of raisin, dried figs, prunes, caramel, dark chocolate and coffee. Concentrated body with high acidity and long aftertaste.

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